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Monday, August 27, 2007

Who Had Some Fun This Weekend?

A recent post by Rob Mensching made me wonder a question:

What cool fun did you do this ( or a recent ) weekend?

You you know I'm what is called a Foodie. Fortunately or unfortunately, I love to eat. Since moving to Texas, I've really grown to appreciate peppers like I never did before.

Poblano, Green chili, Serrano, Jalapeno, Habenero and Scotch bonnet. While I do like the heat ( as anyone who has had my Jamaican Jerk Chicken can attest ) I really like to get past the heat and enjoy the flavor of the pepper.

So my fun for this weekend it was all about one word: Hatch

You see, as the summer winds down it's that time for the annual harvest in a small New Mexico town known worldwide for this yummy peppers. While I can't make it out there to the festival with my father in law ( who lives in ABQ, NM ) I can certainly stop by Central Market and load up. And load up I did! They sell the peppers preroasted but it's just not as fun as doing it yourself. So I spent hours roasting, steaming, skinning and cleaning peppers. Some I used right away for green chili hush puppies, green chili remoulade and green chili tarter sauce. The next day I made green chili guacamole for a seven layer dip. But most of it will be frozen to provide an endless supply until next year.

Of course I also picked up all kinds of goodies like green chili pork sausages. This ensures that when friends and family come to visit to help take care of Cheryl, we'll have plenty of fun foods to grill and eat together.

So don't forget, post a comment telling me about your fun weekend.

1 comment:

  1. I'll have to look around and get back to you. That sure looks like one hot pepper.

    I'm so glad to hear about your good weather. I once spent a week in Henley-on-Thames for business. It was June ( I think ) of 2005 and the most beautiful weather arrived. Our hosts that we needed to spend time working with were nowhere to be found. I really couldn't blame them though.

    It's funny, I never realized just how far north GB is until I arrived. I don't think sunset until well after 10PM if I recall.

    BTW, your description of Oxfordshire is wonderful. Sometimes I wonder if I was meant to live over there... I used to love All Creatures Great and Small growing up.