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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time for Change Again

Well, it's been about a year since I changed employers so I guess it's time for my next move.

I'd like to say goodbye to my friends at Hart InterCivic and say hello to my new friends at Manatron.

Well, kinda.... It seems that my group has been purchased so I'm not really going anywhere other then on paper. Well, kinda... we will be moving to a new building.

For anyone who's curious, I've been trying to count how many jobs I've had over the years and I can't because I can't decide on how to count a job. The answer is somewhere between 7 and 11 though with the longest being 2.5 years and the shortest being 3 months.


  1. Chris,
    I am going to highjack your blog. >:-)

    Speaking of job changes, if anyone is interested in replacing me in the Phoenix area, let me know. Chris has my contact information. My company is looking for an Installation Developer (Mostly InstallShield MSI and script wrappers, some WiX, one InstallAnywhere project; Custom actions are currently c++, c#, vbscript) / CM (TFS, TeamBuild, nAnt, CC.NET, CVS) guy/gal. If you are not in Phoenix, they'll pay relocation. The pay is good, the job is challenging, private company, corp bonus program, etc.

    Use this email address, it's my spam address:
    lantastik _at_ gmail _dot_ com

    There are no underscores in the address.

    I wanted Chris to come out to Phoenix, but he told me "this town ain't big enough for two installer guys". ;-P I disagree...

  2. That's funny, AJ! :-)

    The truth is, I'm very much interested in a new position. Several of my readers have been kind enough to go to bat for me and some really cool positions have been put in front of me.

    Unfortunatly, with my wife's cancer situation and all, I've been very restricted in what I can consider.

    I've technically had 4 employers in the last 11 months: My last real job, and then at this job I've been with Contracting Company A (W2-Contract), Employer A and now sold to Employer B. If I hurry, maybe I can make it 5 employers in 12 months. :-)