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Monday, June 18, 2007

Mailbag: Have you seen this?

I guess thinly veiled ambigious references aren't enough because I keep getting emails from friends asking if I've seen the news about Macrovision. So yes, I know about the 7% RIF and I know about the director who picked up a nice $200,000 dumping 15,000 shares of MVSN stock. I also know about various people suggesting that a sale is in store for Macrovision. However, until people actually start flooding my mailbox with real inside scoop, I'm just an outsider looking in wondering what's going on. That said, here are some interesting quotes from a Yahoo! investment board:

From `candor2001us`

Why is this a good sign? you usually cut employees in bad times, when there is no work for them. This is not a sign of a growing company.

From `maxiumboostage`
exactly, with mvsn dropping safedisc , ripguard, hawkeye, the flex stuff not being developed any further i think its soon gonna be time that fred makes a move. he has been known to break companies apart and this is the first sign that vsn is being broken into nice purchasable chunks for any interested parties that want to buy the technology. i also heard on the grapevine that electronic "safediscs main customer" have dropped the product thus rendering it non profitable. well ill wait and see but i am standing by my predictions that its gonna be broken up and sold into chunks. bye bye macrovision.

From `josedelacruz150`
EA may or may not have dropped safedisc. That's an old product anyway in a market that's moved on.
Its never been a money maker, and its end of lifed already.
Macrovision doesn't have any real technology but it does have IP.
Wouldn't be surprised if he sacked them all and sold that.

From `candor2001us`

that's not necessarily true. You cut employees to strengthen the bottomline especially when the top line is remaining stable.....I think Fred just wanted to cut deadweight especially with a couple of Execs and Im pretty sure there will be another one cut soon once he proves his incompetency.....

you also start to slim down when getting ready to look for a buyer.....

It's been great working here though....

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