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Friday, June 8, 2007

7 Months to publish 2 KB articles

Last year the Windows Installer team blogged about 4 upcoming KB articles. Now I understand why they published them as a preview, it's taken Microsoft 7 1/2 months to publish just 2 of the 4 articles.

Yes, over 7 months. Man it feels like Office Space.

What could possibly take so long to write these? The first one about DEP is only 9 sentences.

The second one caused by cached MSI's losing their digital signature is only 7 sentences and it doesn't even go into explaining why the behavior occur. It simply documents a `work around` that tells the user to click Allow.

Now I know the MSI team has some very smart and capable contributors and leaders, but I can only imagine what must be going on behind the scenes within Microsoft that it takes 7 months to publish two simple KB articles. Now imagine trying to give us something we really need like XML search/write functionality.

It's no wonder that they have seemingly abdicated the throne to WiX which can operate in the relatively unrestricted world of FOSS with nothing more then Jersey Mike's sandwichs for funding.

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