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Thursday, December 7, 2006

MSI Tip: Authoring a Custom ICE using InstallShield 12

The December 2006 InstallShield DevLetter is out and I've contributed an article including source showing how to use InstallShield 12 to author a custom unit tests in the form of ICE's and CUB's. As I have discussed in the past, this is all possible due to the fact that InstallScript not generates `pure` Type 1 CLL CA's.


  1. ha ha
    very funny
    use their newsletter to highlight the most (newly) broken feature in InstallShield 12

    see here

  2. I actually never noticed that it doesn't save the history as I don't typically build through the IDE. I build and validate using ISSABLD which has a -m option for setting the CUB file.