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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I absolutely love community involvment! So I couldn't resist when I was recently asked to look at by Ciprian Rusen. There are only a few articles so far since it's a brand new site. However I'm sure it'll be growing since his stated goals are:


- provide free tutorials about software repackaging and software distribution;
- review useful tools on a monthly basis;
- provide content for both beginners and experienced software packaging engineers;
- allow its users to get involved and publish content;
- evolve according to its users' needs and interests.

This is how we all grow. By mentoring to and learning from our peers. I wish Ciprian the best of luck.


  1. i visited the site it's really helpfull. for me.


  2. i visited the site its relly intersting for new bees

  3. I tried to visit the site today, the domain expired in October 07 and it is now full of adverts and nothing really useful.... disappointing.

  4. Looks like the site is dead. I've removed the link from my blog.