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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Deployment Engineering has moved

Welcome to the new home of the former Deployment Engineering blog. I've decided to rebrand myself for a number of reasons. First was that my consulting has really been growing and it was time to form an LLC. The use of the word engineering was suddenly a complication due to Texas state law. The second reason is "" is really a pain in the rear to type. I wish I had thought of that many years ago when I picked it for a domain name. :-) The third reason is I want to consider branching out into both products and services. I really like what the ISWIX name represents in terms of both a tool and a philosophy and since I don't have a marketing budget to come up with something fancier like "Qwikster" ( shrug ), ISWIX it will be!

So welcome to the old new blog. All of the historical content can still be found at this new URL.