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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

InstallShield 2011 Released

I'm on vacation so I only have enough time for a few quick observations.  InstallShield 2011 has been released and I noticed the following in the press release:

InstallShield 2011: Microsoft’s Installation Solution of Choice for Visual Studio 2010 Applications

It’s no surprise that Microsoft recommends their Visual Studio customers standardize on InstallShield 2011.
Hmmm, now I know that InstallShield 2010LE was introduced as a free download, but has anyone ever read or heard Microsoft formally recommend VS customers standardize on InstallShield 2011?  Maybe I'm not hitting the trade show circuit enough but it sure would be a surprise to me since Microsoft is all over the road in terms of their use of build and install/deployment tools.

Assuming it's true, I wonder how the WiX guys must be feeling considering they were dumped from Rosario and now this.

In other news, I see InstallShield has given a little bit of ground in the Stand Alone Build war.   They are once again including 1 license with Professional which pretty much gets us back to where we were with InstallShield 12. It's about time and I can only say that they *FINALLY* heard their customers.  Additionally, they are also now selling the SAB individually for $500 per seat.   Well, I actually hoped it would be free like MSBuild is but this is progress.   Now here's hoping that they haven't gone off the deep end and introduced DRM activation as that would be a huge ( as in Godzilla ) problem where I work.

I didn't participate in the beta nor have I see the detailed release notes yet so I'm pretty much just skimming the high level notes that can be found here.  There's some interesting things in their but not much that jumps out as 'must have's'  for my particular set of needs.  I'll be back in the office soon and I'll be sure to follow up if I find anything more interesting.

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