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Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing IsWiX

You may recall back in September I posted that I was working on a WiX editor. Today, after 7 long months, I humbly present.....

Industrial Strength Windows Installer XML ( IsWiX )

I wish I had the time available to do a proper launch but unfortunately my schedule for the following week doesn't allow it. My doppelgänger has offered to blog about what has been and what is to come.

There is of course a snag. My doppelgänger is now my newly minted manager so it's a little hard to force him to write. He does have an incentive though: He has in his possession a very embarrassing picture of me and my IsWiX development team clearly crossing over to the dark side of WiX.

So please, take a look at IsWiX and be gentle. The feature set is only deep in a couple of areas as the development was focused on what we needed at my work. Hopefully Chris will be able to explain our vision without giving out too much information about how we roll.

Meanwhile, I hope the my friend Chris goes gentle on me and does a good job of telling the story. After all, while I'm using the red flame more and more these days, I remind everyone that the blue flame burns hotter and faster.

Finally, I'd like to thank my employers for their generosity in supporting the reassignment of this software to me so that I could publish it as open source.

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