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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Open Source Licensing

Lately I've been pondering the topic of open source licenses. I'm preparing to release a couple projects that I've been working on and I'm torn between a permissive license and a reciprocal license

On one hand I hope to create an active, viral project with lots of community support. On the other hand I wouldn't be offended if someone liked what they saw and made an investment that resulted in a commercial project.

I was wondering what experiences and opinions my fellow installation developers might have to offer. So please, sound off!


  1. Seen this at all?

  2. You seem to be suggesting the GNU GPL does not allow commercial use.

    This is a common misunderstanding:

  3. Who is suggesting that? I didn't even use the word GPL.

  4. Well, the GNU GPL definitely the most popular 'reciprocal' license.

    Is there a 'reciprocal' license that doesn't allow commercial use and distribution?