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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Name This Tool

I've been working on a WiX GUI editing tool lately that I'm hoping to release as open source soon. I can't go into many details at this point because many things aren't decided yet.

One thing that I need to get settled is what to name it. Here's where I'm hoping you can help. If you have a suggestion for a name, please leave a comment below.


After a suitable list is generated, a poll will be created where my readers will rank their priority.

The final ranked list will be vetted for trademark issues and a final name will be choosen.

If you'd like the glory of claiming you named the new tool, please leave your real name when posting.

The final name selected becomes the property of and who ever I may assign it to.

For a quick tease of the new tool, click the link below.


  1. Sorry, and as catchy and applicable as I think the name "WiXShield" is, I've already been told that this is a non-starter. :-)

  2. WaxOn (because it's fun to say)

    WixIn (how Russian people describe one of Santa's reindeer, by the by)

  3. WiXGeT

    It sounds like Widget and stands for WiX GUI Editing Tool.

  4. My vote is for 'Chandler': a maker of candles ;-)

  5. Gee-Wix (A hybrid of g-wix and gee-wiz)

  6. WiX Dash or WiX Dashboard or WiX Fascia.

    Thanks for your contributions to open source!

  7. Cotton - the typical ingredient in candle wicks.

  8. WiXI = Windows Install XML Interface
    It's a play on the word "sexy" because your tool will hopefully make WiX more "sexy".

  9. Coming from a Germany speaking country, the name WiX is a poor choice in the first place (WiX == Masturbate), so to get even with the Anglo-Saxen speakig world, how about this