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Monday, April 21, 2008

New Poll: Managed Code Custom Actions

I have a new poll, are you in support of Manged Code custom actions?

Note: I'm not talking about horrible Installer Class CA's here, I'm talking about CA's that can actually communicate with the MSI handle and truly support silent operation without 1001 error message pop-ups even in silent mode.

If you aren't sure or don't understand the debate, please research the topic before voting.

Blog Articles Pro Managed Code Custom Actions:

Writing managed code custom actions

A New Approach to Managed Custom Actions

More Fun with CoCreateObjectDotNet

Managed Code CAN Access the MSIHANDLE

InstallShield 2009 Beta Part II ( Managed CA's )

.NET CA's are NOT (always) Evil

Blog Articles Against Managed Code Custom Actions:

Managed Code CustomActions, no support on the way and here's why.

Don't use managed code to write your custom actions!

Custom Action Guidelines

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