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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Why I've Been Quiet

I've had a lot of things on my mind that I really wanted to investigate and share but it's really been a crazy tired year so far. Seriously, I must be busy as heck if I haven't even had a chance to install the InstallShield 2009 beta and start taking a look at new features that originated out of discussions I had with the InstallShield team last spring.

On a personal front my wife Cheryl has had her liver and lung surgeries and is now back on chemotherapy. All of our family has been visiting and really helping out a great deal.

Finally, I decided that it was time for me to move on at my day job. During my time at Hart InterCivic/Manatron I've really stirred up the pot and effected a whole lot of positive change. However, at this time my work as a build/install guy is pretty much complete and it has become obvious to me that it's time for me to stake out my next challenge and attack it.

I spent a couple weeks meeting with potential employers, listening to their needs and considering the needs of my family. As a result of this I've decided to leave Manatron on March 14th and joining Multimedia Games.

Of course this just made me even more busy! One of these days I'm actually going to kick back and relax when I become a short timer instead of burning the candle on both ends trying to close every project known to man king. Ever since Manatron purchased my group last year, we've had an office relocation and a domain migration project on our schedule that kept getting delayed. Naturally these projects come to a boil the moment that I give notice. So for the last week I've been burning the hours planning and executing the transition of all of our systems to it's new environment. If that wasn't enough I've been going through countless `knowledge transfer` sessions where people try to learn everything I know.

Which BTW, how does one cover the subject `Windows Installer/InstallShield In-Depth` in 90 minutes?


  1. Congrats Chris! I know that your new employer will enjoy you enthusiasm.

  2. Congrats Chris. Good luck in the brain dump to the former employer. :)

  3. You know I'm so happy to see you happy! You deserve it, wonderful husband :)
    Love you, Cheryl

  4. Chris, I'm so glad to hear that your wife's health is back on the right track, and that you've landed in a good place work-wise. Stay in touch.