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Monday, November 26, 2007

WiX Takes The Next Step

I was reading on Windows Installer Expert Stefan Krueger's InstallSite Blog today that that the Visual Studio team is finally incorporating WiX into VSTS. I am very pleased to hear this and I can't help think `about time`. :-)

Regular readers of my blog are no doubt aware that I've been advocating over and over for months that Microsoft make WiX a priority.

Getting the core tool set in VSTS is a very good step but there is still a huge gap in the authoring/designer/editing tools. Considering Microsoft has purchased other products for inclusion in VSTS ( TeamPlain ), I think Microsoft should seriously consider purchasing WiXAware and incorporating it into VSTS as well. This would be a very potent combination of technology that would really make me rethink which tools I use to write my installs.

Eitherway, congratulations go to Rob Mensching.

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