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Friday, April 13, 2007

InstallShield 12 SP2 Released

It appears that Macrovision released IS12 SP2 for English and Japanese customers today. It should be noted ( as mentioned in the IS KB Article ) that a couple of the fixes resolve issues that were introduced in IS12 SP1. Personally I had not noticed these bugs since I'm in a 100% .NET environment these days ( Yippie, No COM ) and we don't do database changes in our installers.

A list of resolved issues can be found here. There is also a link to where to download on that page.


  1. My apologies to my friends from Japan. I reported that the Japanese version of SP2 was available because the KB article said it was. However after seeing Stefan report that it was not I closely examined the link. It still points to the SP1 download.


  2. It doesn't seem like they released an update to Standalone Build package. Too bad, cause that's what we use in production build servers.