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Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's Your Blog Worth

I was a little bored and in need of distraction when I discovered an old interesting site that `calculates` blog worth. Just for fun ( and no serious comparisons intended ) I decided to plop in my own blog and it came back as $6,209.94.

Personally I think my blog is really priceless. :-) But heh, who can argue?

So for more fun I plopped in a few of my favorite MSI related blogs:

Heath Stewart $2,822.70
Bob Arson $7,339.02
Aaron Stebner $8,468.10
Rob Mensching$17,500.74

Not too bad, but as important as us little MSI Experts sometimes think we are, let's look at a blog with a more general audience:

Scott Guthrie: $1,715,072.52

Whew, I'd sell my blog for that much. Of course my comment about self grandeur equally applies to techies in general. Let's look outside of our circle at a few sights that might be popular with other members of your family: $2,072,426.34
Post Secret $5,539,266.48
Perez Hilton $5,655,561.72

Hmmm, funny yet little humbling isn't it? Well, I guess that's why Howard Stern makes $500 million and the rest of us make somewhere south of that.

1 comment:

  1. One of my favorite blogs, Old New Thing, is only worth about 44k according to that site.